Vee​,  is a Registered Physiotherapist  ( 7158 ) with Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association since 2013. Vee completed Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 1997 and Master of Physiotherapy in 2005. He was a former Assistant professor of M.G.R. Medical University. Vee is certified in Spinal and Peripheral manipulation, Acupuncture, Mckenzie approach, Functional capacity evaluation and Graston techniques ( IASTM ) in Canada. Vee has completed certificate courses in Motor Vehicle Accident injuries ( MVA ), Back pain, Neck Pain, Knee pain and running injuries in Canada . He has enormous experience in assessing and treating patients with MVA injuries, Work injuries ( WCB ), Vertigo, sports injuries, surgical conditions, acute and chronic neck pain, back pain as well as other painful conditions. Vee has attended and conducted many workshops to acquire and share knowledge and skills. He has many years of experience working in private clinics , acute, subacute and long term care hospital settings in Alberta. He has been involved in academic and clinical teaching to physiotherapy students in India, Malaysia and Canada. He also participated in multiple research activities to manage acute as well as chronic pain. Vee has been working for Alberta Health Services since 2011. Vee has experience of working as physiotherapist in Emergency, Ortho & Trauma, Medicine departments at University of Alberta hospital since 2014. Vee is a member of Orthopedic division of Canadian Physiotherapy Association. He aims to become a Fellow of Canadian academy of manipulative therapy. Vee has been living with family in South West of Edmonton Since 2014 and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Helen,​ is an internationally educated physiotherapist. She is currently working as Manager for our clinic. Helen is also working in Allen Grey Long term care centre to help rehabilitating residents. Helen is graduated in Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2000. She was a former assistant professor of M.G.R. medical university. She has completed a ‘Graduate certificate in Bridging to Canadian Physical therapy Practice’, University Of Alberta, Canada. She is preparing to become a Registered Physiotherapist in Canada. Helen has been living with family in South West of Edmonton Since 2014.

Rebecca, has proven to be an asset for Twin Brooks Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic. She is currently working as our Office Manager. Rebecca has a passion for medical field. She has a background in HR, Psychology as well as various other medical courses. She takes great pride in advocating for our patients and their care

Robin, is an internationally educated physiotherapist. He is currently working as Registered Massage Therapist. Robin graduated in Bachelor of physiotherapy in 2009 and worked as Physiotherapist for 6 years in India. Robin studied 2200 hours of Diploma in Massage Therapy at South Edmonton school of Massage therapy, from September 2018 – June 2020. He is a Registered member (24294) of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. Robin is Holding Health Enhancement Practitioner licence with City of Edmonton. He has a strong interest in treating fascia, muscles, tendon and ligament restrictions/tightness.

Naveen , has been a Registered Physiotherapist with Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association since 2014. He completed Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy in 2004. Naveen has experience working as a Lecturer in Physiotherapy in various countries. He has been working in private practice for many years in Alberta. Naveen has enormous experience in assessing and treating patients with motor vehicle injuries ( MVA ), work place injuries ( WCB ), hand injuries, General musculoskeletal injuries, neurological disorders and pediatric disorders. He has done various professional development courses in Canada to provide high quality of care with evidence based approach.