Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists are movements specialists. Pain and stiffness are always limiting the movements of the bodily joints. It is always important to keep our joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and other tissues in good shape. Our Physical Therapists are excellent in assessing and treating you. We apply evidence based techniques like:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Stretching exercises
  • Strengthening and Endurance exercises
  • Nerve mobility exercises
  • Balancing exercises
  • Graston techniques (IASTM )
  • Strategies to treat Vertigo
  • Home Exercise program
  • Pain relieving modalities Like Hot packs and TENS


Our PT’s are authorized by Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association to use needles in physiotherapy practice.

WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes Acupuncture as one of the treatment modalities. There are numerous researches supporting acupuncture as an alternate treatment method for various conditions. Our PT’s are not acupuncturists but trained from Acupuncture foundation of Canada.

Massage Therapy

Our well experienced Massage Therapists are having excellent ‘Hands on Skills’ to release skin, fascia and muscles tightness.

Graston Technique (IASTM)  

Graston Technique (GT) therapy is an evidence-based, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) technique that helps our PTs to assess and treat fascial restrictions, ligament, muscle and tendon dysfunction

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Our Physiotherapists are certified to do FCE that evaluates your capacity to execute work related activities. This assessment takes atleast 4 hours. You might need Doctor’s referral for FCE.

Foot Orthotics ( Footmax )

Our PTs will 3D as well as metscan your feet and help you to get appropriate foot orthotics.Foot orthotics generally provide good arch support and reduce stresses to injured structures. Please talk to your insurance provider for coverage.

Vestibular (Vertigo/BPPV) Rehabilitation

Our PTs are well experienced in assessing and treating Vertigo/BPPV. After thorough Physical examination, Our PTs may apply Epley’s maneuver or other strategies as needed to treat your Vertigo to keep you safe.

Concussion / Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Our PTs are well experienced and specialized in assessing and treating neurological problems such as concussion and traumatic brain injuries ( TBI ). We take best possible approach to keep you moving.

Spinal and Peripheral joints manipulation

Our PTs are authorized by Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association to manipulate spinal and peripheral joints if consented. Manipulative techniques are evidence based, High velocity-low amplitude controlled thrust to treat chronic joint dysfunction.


If you want to stay home and receive physiotherapy, please make use of our effective Exercise based one on one Tele Rehab session. This helps you to not only maintain or improve the status but also to prevent further damage.

Home Physio

If you are looking for in home physiotherapy service, please call and arrange for it. Our PTs are glad to help you at your home.